Potting and repotting should be done when the dew point is at least 30°F to
avoid undue drying out of roots. You can do repotting the day after a heavy rain. Repot
desert plants during the humid monsoon season. Clean and oil your tools after every
pruning session.

When heavy root pruning is involved (still no more than 50% at a time), it is
best not to over-do top pruning except during strong growing periods of March-April and
October. Heavy root pruning and foliage trimming together can often be too much for
plants in this area. When transplanting never remove more than 1/3 of roots or 1/3 of top
growth at one time.

Fertilizing may go on throughout the year, except for the brief dormant periods
in mid-summer and winter. Always remember that it is better to dilute fertilizer and use it
more frequently, rather than to use strong mixtures all at once. The heat of summer can
make some fertilizers act more quickly; burning is likely to occur and serious tree
damage may result. Fish emulsion is frequently used here.

Wiring may be done at any time; however, small branches may die if wired in
summer. Keep a close watch during the strong growing periods to avoid overgrowth that
will lead to marks being made by tightly placed wire. If you wire in the summer, some
members recommend wrapping the branch with raffia. Other members routinely wire
during the summer without precautions and have no problems.

Wiring and pruning of trees being prepared for the Matsuri Festival in late
February should be done in November, prior to the dormant period of December and
January. With the advent of new growth in late January and early February, trees should
be shaped well by festival time with only a nominal bit of pruning necessary. Restart
fertilizing then.

Watering amounts and frequencies vary throughout the year in this area. In
winter, it may be possible to go as much as four or five days between heavy and
thorough watering; in the high-dry heat of summer, watering two or three times a day may
be the norm for a small container or every day or two for a tree in a large pot.