Calendar - February
01 -      Show at the Japanese Friendship Garden
05 -      Demo on doing a Phoenix graft 
15 -      Beginning bonsai workshop on repotting (location TBA) 
19 -      Demo on tool sharpening with GayLynn Goetzke; open workshop 
22-23 - Matsuri Japanese Festival at Heritage Square in Phoenix
23 -      Beginners Re-potting - Valley Garden Center - 9am - 12pm
Calendar - March 
04 -      Guest speaker John Carreon on adeniums
07 -      Carving workshop with David Nguy
18 -      Swap meet
21-24 - LA trip 
Calendar - April 
01 -   Guest speaker: demo by David Nguy
4-5 - Phoenix Bonsai Society’s annual Bonsai Show at the VGC
15 -   Bonsai boot-camp
Calendar - May 
06 - Legacy tree show
20 - End of year dinner and club auction

Japanese Friendship Garden

Phoenix Bonsai Society at the Japanese Friendship Garden for more photos of the show click here


Our Club offers Bonsai demonstrations by Masters in the art, hands on experience, lectures, workshops, beginner classes, benefit drawings, Bonsai information and local events

Magical Miniature Landscapes

The History of Bonsai and the Related Arts By Bonsai Historian Robert Baran 

Welcome the Sonora Suiseki Club of Arizona

The art originated in China where stones were admired for their natural beauty. They were used in miniature landscapes and depicted in scrolls. Stones then made their way to Japan where it was refined into an art form. This art form featured stones with uncut natural beauty and shapes were admired for generations. The stones were placed at just the right angle in their container or stand that enhanced the all-important viewing.

Learn: Rules & Techniques, attend shows, Trips to collect stones of your own.

Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday each month starting Sept 11th @7:00pm
Location: Valley Garden Center 1809 N. 15 Av. Phoenix AZ

For more information  – Click Here

Shohin Bonsai Collection Tour with Peter Macasieb

Congratulates new Certified Bonsai Basic instructors.

Phoenix Bonsai Society members Susie, Liz, Jenna & Val (not pictured),

All were Certified Bonsai Basic instructors this past week at the GSBF convention

Forest Workshop

Photos of finished trees to view more photos click link -> Facebook

Bougainvillea 'rescue'

These photos are out of order, but we salvaged some bougainvillea cuttings from an abandoned office complex Sept 3rd. Check out the tough love, take no roots, approach. Bonsai club guru Gary said “guaranteed to grow” using this method. Bougainvilleas are survivors.

Beginner’s Workshop

Getting into the Art of Bonsai at the first Beginner’s Workshop