4 NEW CLUB YEAR BEGINS: Critique of tropical and desert trees by Jim McEown and Tom Gatz
  18 Open workshop
  2 Guest speaker on disease and insect prevention
  13 Beginner’s Workshop at Summer Winds Nursery on Tatum
  16 Open workshop
  24-27 GSBF convention in Riverside, CA
  6 Swap meet
  20 Guest speaker Boon Manakitivipart
  4 Club auction
  7 Holiday party (location to be announced)
  14-15 Workshop with David Nguy at Summer Winds Nursery on Tatum
  18 Open workshop
  8 Forest demo by Jim McEown
  18-19 Workshop withTed Matsonat Summer WindsNursery
  25 Forest workshop with Jim McEown (location to be announced)
  1 Show at the Japanese Friendship Garden
  5 Demo on doing a Phoenix graft by Frank Harris
  15 Beginning bonsai workshop on repotting (location to be announced)
  19 Demo on tool sharpening with GayLynn Goetzke; open workshop
  22-23 Matsuri Japanese Festival at Heritage Square in Phoenix
  4 Guest speaker John Carreonon adeniums
  7 Carving workshop with David Nguy
  18 Swap meet
  21-24 LA trip with visits to selected bonsai nurseries and back yards in the LA area, and attend a reception and exhibition with the California Bonsai Society at the Huntington Botanical Gardens
  1 Guest speaker:  demo by David Nguy
  4-5 Phoenix Bonsai Society’s annual Bonsai Show at the VGC
  15 Bonsai boot-camp with Jenna Williams and Gary Davis; open Workshop
  6 Legacy tree show
  20 End of year dinner and club auction