Juniper, San Jose (Juniperus squamata M,U ^


       this one has wonderfully small needles; best to get a specimen at the nursery right off the truck from California, you can then trim back the outer branches before the important inside growth gets fried by our heat and sun and dies off.    [Cupressaceae; Pinales]




Juniper, Procumben (Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’) B,M,U ^


      junipers are NOT indoor bonsai ; pinch/pull off fat new buds on all junipers with fingers, not scissors (no matter how sharp they are, scissors press/crush the needles, which then turn brown — NOTE: on all junipers except Shimpaku and procumbens ‘Nana’, it is now felt to be O.K. to trim with scissors although brown ends will result: those ends will drop off in awhile and any remaining brown ends can be pinched off before a show); carefully pull off old brown needles; don’t overwater; wet the foliage fifteen minutes before working on; give all junipers plenty of light and fresh air, but protect smaller specimens from direct afternoon sun as necessary; do not bare-root junipers; grayish foliage could be severe injury from spider mites; foliage normally takes on purplish tinge during cooler winters; wilted or brown foliage will not revive; best pruning time here is February to March, and then again in October; best wiring time is in the autumn; best re-potting time is January to February.    [Cupressaceae; Coniferales]