Eucalyptus / Gum Tree (Eucalyptus sp.) D,F,R,W ^


        difficult to shape with either wiring or drastic pruning; easily rootbound; neglected nursery stock may be best as these specimens are often ready to be root-pruned and repotted straight away, and their condition might simulate dormancy; tend to experience dormancy in late-summer, as this is often the driest time of year, during this time, there will be no new growth at the tips of branches, and all leaves will have hardened off; it is recommended to remove all foliage from a specimen which is to be repotted; keep uniformly moist and do not let rootball dry out; commonly believed that these should never be repotted deeper than the previous soil level, for fear of the certain death of the tree; generally grow quickly from seed; one or more as yet-unidentified / untried species may do well here; some recommended species are E. camaldulensis (River Red Gum),  E. maculata (Spotted Gum), E. meliodora (Yellow Box), E. nicholii (Willow Leaf Peppermint), E. saligna (Sydney Blue Gum), E. sideroxylon (Pink Flowering Ironbark), and the closely-related Angophora costata (Smooth Barked Apple); .    [Myrtaceae; Myrtales]