February 23-24, 2002, Phoenix, Arizona

Photos: Marcia Colliat

      This year, after set-up on Saturday morning but before the crowds came, we took a few pictures of some of the trees using one of the table cloths as a backdrop.

Ficus nerifolia by Robert Gustafson
 Quince by Fairlee Winfield

Ficus benjamina forest by Robert Gustafson
Myrtus communis 'Compacta' by Leroy Fujii

 Juniper by Doug Acker
Creosote by Max Miller

Ulmus sp. by Robert Gustafson
Juniperus sp.       Ficus benjamina        accessory plant

Portulacaria afra by Ernest Hasan
Olea europaea by Elsie Andrade

  Lantana (right) by Mark Wallerich

Take One!  Bill Mooney, Doug Acker, and Elsie Andrade.  
Take Two!  Olea europaea by Bill Mooney.  

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